About Us

CycleWard was conceptualized and brought to life in January 2015 by cousins and native South Floridians, Lisa Anderson and Jamie Maitland, making their longtime dream of creating the type of indoor cycling studio they wanted to be part of a reality.

Jamie and Lisa have always been avid health fanatics and passionate about fitness. Growing up together in Fort Lauderdale, Maitland’s parents were both in the golf business, and her uncle—Anderson’s father—and their grandfather both played professional football in the NFL. An appreciation for the importance of being health conscious and staying active and physically fit was instilled in both women at a young age. And those values, beliefs and mindset still resonate true, ingrained within them to this day.

It is that same shared passion for health and physical fitness combined with an inner-strength, work ethic and drive instilled early on in their upbringing that played an integral role in bringing their dream of opening CycleWard to fruition.

Realizing the lack of a hardcore indoor cycling studio in the Fort Lauderdale market, the duo conceptualized and brought to life the kind of cycle studio they wanted to go to, be a member of and take classes at. A challenging yet encouraging environment of equally ambitious cyclers with a common goal of pushing their bodies to the limit, committing to and bettering themselves both physically and mentally, and pushing one another to do the same.

Lisa brings a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit in combination with an unparalleled work ethic and general passion for life that has brought her down a multitude of different career paths and professions over the years. Jamie brings her passion for fitness and inspiring minds to encourage others to change the way they think about exercising, helping them on their paths to self discovery, positive thinking and overall better mindset and physique.

Together, they are a powerhouse—an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, the Ying to each other’s Yang. Together, they ARE CycleWard. And together, this dynamic duo is leading a fitness revolution in South Florida, shaping the body, mind and soul’s of all those who commit themselves, one rider at a time.

Opened in January 2015, CycleWard is Fort Lauderdale’s premier new indoor cycling studio that puts an innovative spin on cycling and reinvents exercise with a high-energy atmosphere and jam-packed schedule of classes that shape and inspire the mind, body and soul. Under the direction of co-founders’ Lisa Anderson and Jamie Maitland—avid health and fitness fanatics, cousins and native South Floridians—the 3,900 square-foot, state-of-the-art cycle studio aims to inspire its students with a consistent, positive mental attitude and help them to rediscover and achieve their ultimate potential, both physically and mentally.

Featuring a 65x80 inch video screen, we will captivate your mind visually and audibly while you cycle to the beat on 50 of the most high-performance bikes on the market also accompanied by the Performance IQ system, which keeps track of group OR individual performance against other riders in class. Stats are emailed to each client at the end of each ride. The innovative studio offers a variety of unique classes led by some of the most talented and motivational certified instructors in the industry.

In addition to a full schedule of indoor cycling classes, CycleWard offers the "SculptWard". The room has only 8 spots which allows our clients to experience training on a more personal level without paying "personal training" prices. The SculptWard offers a one hour full body toning class and 45 minute ASS & ABS class.

For convenience, the studio also features a kid’s room and babysitting services onsite for parents or caregivers to take advantage of while taking a class ($5 per child), as well as men’s and women’s changing rooms complete with showers, fresh towels and daily essentials. CycleWard is also proud to offer an expansive selection of indoor cycling and workout gear from top-name brands in addition to its very own signature line of inspired apparel available for purchase onsite.