"It's not about being skinny, it's about being FIT."

Cycleward Studio is a wellness and lifestyle boutique-fitness house. Gauging their success by bringing out individuals’ inner athlete through coached cycling, strength training and drive.
The CWS Experience will captivate your mind and body through motivating instruction, pulsating sounds and black light illumination causing your sweat to glow! CWS fuses anaerobic threshold and metabolic conditioning with signature classes and personal engagement.

Daughter of Jack Maitland, former NFL player and Super Bowl champ, Lisa Maitland Anderson
was raised with an appreciation for the importance of being health conscious by staying active and physically fit. Those values and beliefs were instilled at a young age and still resonate within her to this day.

Realizing there was a niche to tap into within Fort Lauderdale for intense indoor cycling, the concept of Cycleward was created to be the kind of studio that exemplified an exercise experience specifically geared to promote strong, healthy, empowered warriors by bringing to light the misconceptions involving fitness and wellness.

"It's about reeducating,” Lisa simply states.

CWS focuses on a balanced lifestyle and embraces components that enhance every aspect of one’s life. Created to push yourself to the EDGE, boredom becomes the enemy.

Maintain your drive by mixing your training with our carefully curated Live Music Video Rides and eclectic mash-ups by our elite cycle team and resident house DJ. Our 65 x 80 inch screen provides a visually motivating atmosphere making for an unparalleled adventure unlike anywhere else.

Take advantage of our seasonal class specials and our hand-picked Athleisure wear for Committed & Addicted Members at a premium rate.

We are fully COMMITTED. Seriously socially connected and responsive. In other words, we fit in the palm of your hand so there's no better time to book your first FREE class than now.

For convenience, the studio also features a kid’s room and babysitting services onsite for parents or caregivers to take advantage of while taking a class ($5 per child).