Lisa Anderson

Founder Lisa brings a lifelong passion for sports and fitness to the Cycleward Studio. As an athletic child and teenager, she excelled in swimming, cheerleading and running. Her active lifestyle continued into adulthood leading her to become a certified Spinning (or indoor cycling) instructor in 2006. Through indoor cycling, Lisa found a platform where she could push her physical limitations and exceed pre-set boundaries. As an instructor, Lisa coaches her riders to tap into their inner athlete and release any self-limiting beliefs. Lisa uses the connection with music as fuel for powerful and unforgettable rides! When she isn’t riding or instructing, Lisa can be found spending time with her husband and two children, practicing yoga, enjoying the beach or anything outdoors. Lisa also continues her own personal fitness pursuits through running and triathlons. Lisa excels in long distance events and is a Boston Marathon qualifier.

Lisa Anderson instructs the following:
  • Music Video Ride (Cycle)
  • Cycling class with music videos playing on screen.

  • Intro to Cycling (FREE)
  • Feeling a little intimidate by your first cycling class? Then take this free 30 minute introduction to cycling class so you will feel more comfortable. In this class you will be introduced to seat-height, handlebar adjustments, proper hand/body positions, clipping shoes in, and understanding your console. 
    You are more than welcome to take this class as many times until you are comfortable. Remember, it's only a bike...have fun and enjoy your ride!