Matt Tesoriero

Matt Tesoriero believes endorphins are the secret to a happy life. Laughing, dancing, cooking—anything that stimulates the body
and mind are key. That's why Matt loves cycling so much. His classes will give you an opportunity to push your body and free your mind to the beat of high energy music. Matt's classes are fun, stimulating and will take you to the "next level" of fitness
and wellness, whether you are a beginner or longtime enthusiast. In addition to rowing, yoga and weight training, Matt has been cycling for 10 years in Boston, London and San Francisco. While taking classes at Cycleward, the Crew took note of Matt's technique,
passion and enthusiasm for cycling, and recruited him! Lucky man! Come to Matt's class for a fun, high-energy workout that will kick your endorphins into high gear. You'll feel the benefits for the rest of your day! And feel free to call him by names his
family and friends use -- Matty, The Mattster, Matteo, Mattchew. He always responds!

Matt Tesoriero instructs the following: