Alexis Contreras

Alexis Contreras has always been an advocate for fitness classes! After years of taking countless classes and developing great
admiration for fitness professionals, she became certified as a yoga instructor and has been teaching since 2015. Shortly after, she began taking cycling and sculpting classes at Cycleward! In no time, Alexis became #addicted! At Cycleward, Alexis went through
her own transformation, consistently exceeding her goal and feeling stronger than ever, both physically and mentally. After being a long-time committed client, Alexis knew it was time to share the Cycleward magic with others. She completed Cycleward’s in-house
training, and now you can find her on our instructor bike! She believes to have a strong body you must have a stronger mind, and she will push both! Music Is her other passion, so get ready to get lost in the beat and slayyyyyy your workout!!!!

Alexis Contreras instructs the following:
  • Sculpt Core Flow (Sculpt)
  • Experience total body transformation with our signature Sculpt Core Flow. This class entails challenging sequences incorporating breath and movement. You will be utilizing kettle bells, resistance bands and mat work for a dynamic fitness experience.  

  • Hip-Hop (Explicit) (Cycle)
  • May contain explicit lyrics.