Jenny Meathe

Jenny Meathe instructs the following:
  • ToneBoxing (Sculpt)
  • This class is a full body workout using real kickboxing moves minus the gloves. Utilizing resistance bands, nu-bell weights, ankle weights, and jump ropes- this class is as intense as it gets!

  • 1/4 ROUNDS (Sculpt)
  • 1/4 Rounds is a high intensity class designed to sculpt your whole body. This class is broken into four 10-15-min segments, concentrating on cardio, upper body, lower body and core.
    Be ready, this class is non-stop with heart pumping music and motivating instruction.

  • Hip Hop Step and Barre (Sculpt)
  • We're bringing it back...but don't worry this ain't your Mama's step class. Combining intense cardio moves, weights and hip hop music, this class is designed to lift your spirit and your booty!