Luiza Blanchard

Luiza was introduced to fitness at a young age, she was a national level Judo competitor while growing up and carried on the discipline and commitment she had as a competitive athlete towards other sports such as crossfit and weight lifting. She loves to challenge herself and try new things. She takes the same approach as a Coach by encouraging her clients and members to step out of their comfort zone and pushing themselves to the next level. Watching her clients progress and achieve their fitness goals is extremely rewarding for Luiza and one of the main reasons she became a Fitness Trainer. With over 10 years of experience, her certifications includes;

ISSA Fitness Trainer
L1 Crossfit
L1 American Kettlebell Association
AFAA Personal Trainer
AFAA Group Fitness Trainer
American Heart Association CPR

Luiza Blanchard instructs the following:
  • Chisel (Men ONLY Sculpt)
  • Chisel is a mens only, back to basics, primal fitness class designed to get you strong and lean. 

  • Kettle Bell Core (Sculpt)
  • Ditch the dumbbell and pick up a kettle bell! This class will challenge your core strength, balance and stability. 
    You will transition from one big calorie burning exercise to another in order to get into a rhythm and blast fat fast!

  • 1/4 ROUNDS (Sculpt)
  • 1/4 Rounds is a high intensity class designed to sculpt your whole body. This class is broken into four 10-15-min segments, concentrating on cardio, upper body, lower body and core.
    Be ready, this class is non-stop with heart pumping music and motivating instruction.

  • ToneBoxing (Sculpt)
  • This class is a full body workout using real kickboxing moves minus the gloves. Utilizing resistance bands, nu-bell weights, ankle weights, and jump ropes- this class is as intense as it gets!