$15 After 5 - Music Video Ride (Cycle)

This class is taught by:

Nick Tofini

Nick Tofini is a New Jersey native who grew up in Southwest Florida. Growing up, he was always very active and athletic. He played soccer and baseball, was captain of the swim team in his High School, and also surfed and enjoyed other water sports. Now living in Boca Raton, Nick is the Executive Chef at the Pine Crest School. Over the last 5 years, Nick has been an active cycling enthusiast, taking classes and instructing as much as he can. He also enjoys cooking healthy meals and is venturing into his own Food Preparation business. Nick also enjoys other forms of working out, including Yoga, Crossfit, High intensity interval Training, weightlifting, and running. Nick’s personal philosophy is that being fit has no definition, it begins with drive and motivation along with the dedication to obtain a goal set. When Nick is not running the kitchen at Pine Crest or Instructing he enjoys quality time with his family and Golden Retriever Cooper. His drive and passion show when you take one of Nick’s challenging and high energy Music Video Cycle rides.

Nathalie Tasse

Nathalie was born in Montreal, Canada where she began her active lifestyle at a very young age; Ice Skating; Roller Skating; Dance; English saddle riding competitions and skiing.
Of all the sports Nathalie enjoyed, her favorite by far was boxing.
She trained for 8 years with Deano Clavet, Canadian boxing champion (and movie star) and moved to Florida to pursue a boxing career training under
Ada Ace Vales (2001 National women’s Boxing Champion) and Bonnie Canino
(1996 Women’s world Boxing Champion)
Nathalie specializes in Body Building, Kick Boxing and Boot Camp, and Spin because She recognizes the relationship between a healthy body and mind and believes that achieving your goals should be fun as well as rewarding.
Nathalie has been an Aerobics instructor
And Personal Trainer since 2001

Training Philosophy - In her words...
"I firmly believe that whatever goal you have, it is attainable. Investing in your health boosts confidence, especially when you reach up to the challenge, seize it and surpass your own expectations. My goal as a trainer is to help you along the way and provide you with positive support, encouragement, and the proper workouts to help you attain your goals

Alexis Contreras

Alexis Contreras has always been an advocate for fitness classes! After years of taking countless classes and developing great
admiration for fitness professionals, she became certified as a yoga instructor and has been teaching since 2015. Shortly after, she began taking cycling and sculpting classes at Cycleward! In no time, Alexis became #addicted! At Cycleward, Alexis went through
her own transformation, consistently exceeding her goal and feeling stronger than ever, both physically and mentally. After being a long-time committed client, Alexis knew it was time to share the Cycleward magic with others. She completed Cycleward’s in-house
training, and now you can find her on our instructor bike! She believes to have a strong body you must have a stronger mind, and she will push both! Music Is her other passion, so get ready to get lost in the beat and slayyyyyy your workout!!!!

Matt Tesoriero

Matt Tesoriero believes endorphins are the secret to a happy life. Laughing, dancing, cooking—anything that stimulates the body
and mind are key. That's why Matt loves cycling so much. His classes will give you an opportunity to push your body and free your mind to the beat of high energy music. Matt's classes are fun, stimulating and will take you to the "next level" of fitness
and wellness, whether you are a beginner or longtime enthusiast. In addition to rowing, yoga and weight training, Matt has been cycling for 10 years in Boston, London and San Francisco. While taking classes at Cycleward, the Crew took note of Matt's technique,
passion and enthusiasm for cycling, and recruited him! Lucky man! Come to Matt's class for a fun, high-energy workout that will kick your endorphins into high gear. You'll feel the benefits for the rest of your day! And feel free to call him by names his
family and friends use -- Matty, The Mattster, Matteo, Mattchew. He always responds!

Lisa Anderson

Founder Lisa brings a lifelong passion for sports and fitness to the Cycleward Studio. As an athletic child and teenager, she excelled in swimming, cheerleading and running. Her active lifestyle continued into adulthood leading her to become a certified Spinning (or indoor cycling) instructor in 2006. Through indoor cycling, Lisa found a platform where she could push her physical limitations and exceed pre-set boundaries. As an instructor, Lisa coaches her riders to tap into their inner athlete and release any self-limiting beliefs. Lisa uses the connection with music as fuel for powerful and unforgettable rides! When she isn’t riding or instructing, Lisa can be found spending time with her husband and two children, practicing yoga, enjoying the beach or anything outdoors. Lisa also continues her own personal fitness pursuits through running and triathlons. Lisa excels in long distance events and is a Boston Marathon qualifier.

Cycling class with music videos playing on screen.

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